Knowing VS Believing

Chapter 4: Massive Ancestral Myths

It's time we address a five letter word that has caused humanity to fall for countless illusions.

The five letter word we speak of is “myths”.

Over the centuries, our people have accepted so many myths -- here are a two of them:

#1 So-called “Black” people can’t know where their ancestors genuinely come from.

This is thought to be impossible due to something called the “wall of slavery.”

It stems from slavery and how our ancestors were inhumanely sold and traded like cattle.

And resulted in the lost knowledge of where each individual came from.

(This mindset is a massive myth we addressed in full in the chapter 2)

Another destructive but popular myth:

#2 No one knows what part of Africa you come from.

Again slavery is to blame for this.

Although slavery was a horrible period in our history, it is a myth that you can’t trace your lineage beyond it.

Here's one reason why we say this:

In the early 20th century, a commission of men assembled here in North America.

These men were handpicked and appointed by the President and Vice President of the United States of America and the Speaker of the House.

The commission consisted of US Senators, Representatives, trusted experts, and advisors.

According to the commission, their purpose was to gain a:

”better understanding of the many different racial elements that are being added to the population of the United States through immigration.”

The Federal Government found a need to determine the ancestry of the many nationalities living and immigrating to the USA.

And after three years, the commission produced a 42 volume report to satisfy their desire to know the ancestry of those on American soil.

You’ll find the portion of the report defining racial origins and migrations to be the most interesting.


Because if you identify as Black - the details of what part of Africa you’re from is this report.

Call yourself a Negro? - The history is in the report.

Native American? It’s in the report.

Porto Rican (Puerto Rican), Haitian, Jamaican? Your history is in this report.

“No work of this nature has before been published in the English language.”

This quote comes directly from the report itself.

This report shows the Federal Government has known your history for more than a century – at the least.

And although this report is somewhat hush-hush, it’s far from hidden.

In time, we’ll show you more about this report and how to use it for your benefit.

(You'll get an opportunity in the next chapter to let us know if you want more details)

At this point, the goal is to bring this myth to light.

This myth has passed from generation to generation for far too long.

It is time for the myth to come to an end.



For clarity, this is not to attack the American government.

In fact, the issue isn’t that they've known (all this time) what part of Africa you are from.

The issue is that so-called “blacks” don’t know where what part of Africa they're from.

And as a result, they are forced to believe and follow the “mere ideas man, that has never done them any good, but have always harmed them.”

In the next and final chapter, we will tell you more about a far better method for reconnecting with your roots.

And we'll clear up one of the most significant genealogy misconceptions on the planet--

-- A misconception held primarily in the minds of so-called "Black" people.