Knowing VS Believing

BONUS Chapter: The Greatest Genealogy Myth

This chapter is the last of this series.

We’re going to wrap this series up by clearing up one of the most significant genealogy misconceptions on the planet.

Then we’ll show you how to learn more about a much more efficient, accurate, and trustworthy method of reconnecting with your African roots.

Remember, we made this statement:

With the tools and methods we have, you’ll uncover what part (or parts) of Africa you are from in record time.

Uncovering what “parts” is vital because it deals with a major misconception in the minds of so-called “Black” people.

The misconception is that you will zero in on the one particular tribe you descend; that you’ll find what single part of Africa you’ve originated.

Genealogy doesn’t work that way.

Without a doubt, your ancestors don’t just come from one single location in Africa, but many!


Two reasons:

  1. Because you have many ancestors from 400 years ago (more than you may think)
  2. And your ancestors’ migration patterns

Migration patterns are a bit more advanced.

But if you’re interested in learning more about your ancestral migration patterns, you’ll have an opportunity at the end of this chapter.

Let’s look at your many ancestors.

If you go back 400 years, how many ancestors would you find in your direct lineage?

30? 60? Or maybe 200?

Try 1,022 ancestors.

Each of these 1,022 ancestors is directly responsible for your existence in the physical.

And because of this, you likely descend from more than one place in Africa.

According to the numbers, you can possibly descend from as many as 1,022 geographical places.

This concept is straightforward to understand if you break down a few scenarios.

We’ll observe a simple example by looking at three generations.

Let’s take this sister, for example.

Let’s say she was born and raised in Texas.

But her mother may have come from Mississippi, and her father from Louisiana.

Already she has two separate geographical connections in her history.

But let’s go back another generation.

Both her mother and father have mothers and fathers – which are her grandparents.

Let’s look at her mother’s side first.

Her grandmother on this side of the family may have been born and raised in Georgia.

And her grandfather was born and raised in Mississippi.

On her father’s side, her grandmother may be from Louisiana, and her grandfather from Alabama.

Here within only three generations and five ancestors, we’ve already uncovered five parts of America:

  1. Texas
  2. Mississippi
  3. Louisiana
  4. Georgia
  5. Alabama

What if we went back to another generation and explored her great-great-grandparents?

She has eight of them in total.

Remember, you have two parents, and each of your parents has two parents.

And so on.

The number of ancestors doubles each generation.

2 Ancestors.

Then 4.







And in the 10th generation, 512 ancestors.

Total, they add up to 1,022 ancestors. And each could be from a different state, country, continent, etc.

The big idea is this:

You can’t simply zero in on the one particular tribe you descend from or a single part of Africa you’re from – because you are from MANY parts!

In fact, to search for what single part of Africa one is from is restricting.

But this is the mindset most so-called “Black” people (and many others) possess.

Once they get wind of a single tribe or city they descend from, they end their search.

They make a big sigh of relief.

They think to themselves that now they "know who they are."

But do so-called “Black” actually know?

Or are they only believing one small piece of their huge genetic puzzle?




We understand the passion and desire to KNOW who you are and where you come from.

And we understand how fulfilling it is to have at least one conclusive connection to Africa.

This knowledge would make a massive difference to have a homeland to look back to with pride.

But believing and following just one genealogy line would not be the truth.

It would be only a small fraction of the truth.

And with the right tools and resources, you can uncover all of them for yourself.

Yes, it is true.

So-called “Black” People in America can discover what parts of Africa they come from and reconnect to their roots**.

You can reconnect with your roots without relying on a DNA test.

You can reconnect with your roots without relying on an expensive Genealogist.

You can reconnect with your roots without spending an enormous amount of time and money building out your family tree.

And it doesn’t take weeks and months to get results.

You can discover what parts of Africa you come from and reconnect to your roots – in 7-days or less.

If you recall from the first chapter, Dr. Jose Pimienta Bey, a Moorish Sheik, and historian coined the term the “Amnesiacs.

His criteria for testing to see if you’re an Amnesiac is simple:

  1. Do you KNOW who you are?
  2. Do you know your history?
  3. Do you have cultural amnesia?

Prophet Noble Drew Ali paints an even honest picture of the Amnesiacs.

In his editorial “A Divine Warning By the Prophet for the Nations,” he states these people:

"are classed as undesirables and are subject to all inferior names and abuses and mistreatment that the citizens care to bestow upon them."

He further states in the Moorish Koran:

”Through sin and disobedience, every nation has suffered slavery, due to the fact that they honored not the creed and principles of their forefathers.”

The amnesiacs honor not the creed and principles of their forefathers because they have disconnected from them.

They don’t know who they are because they don’t know who their ancestors are.

And it is the amnesiacs’ responsibility to make the reconnection back to their ancient creed and principles.

It is their responsibility, and theirs alone, to regain a solid knowledge of self.




On the other hand, many have made such a reconnection.

They are doing the work to better understand and live by their forefathers’ creed and principles.

They are the ones who have knowledge of self.

They have a more elevated sense of pride and self-confidence.

They believe less about their origins – because they KNOW.

Those with knowledge of self have an authentic culture.

A connection to a nationality.

A complete history.

They have a real identity.

They have the knowledge of self to complete the missing pieces of their story.

Those with knowledge of self obtain true freedom, even in the USA.


As Noble Drew Ali said, with knowledge of self:

"they and their children can receive their Divine rights, unmolested by other citizens"

They remember and obey the ancient maxim: Know Thyself.

They heed the maxims which teach:

"Men may believe what they are told, thus they never Know."

But to do this, you need to begin building a fundamental understanding of who you are.

KNOW for yourself, what PARTS of Africa you’re from.



In the past few chapters, there has been a lot of information provided.

The aim is to reframe your thought process.

To move from believing others to knowing yourself.

Revisit these chapters a few times.

Let it all sink in.

The strategy we have to learn what parts of Africa you are from and reconnect with your roots, isn't something we can quickly detail here now.

But we have much more material dedicated to walking you step-by-step through the process..



So what will cure this cultural amnesia?

The answer to this lies in the methods used to cause amnesia in the first place.

This next series is about uncovering HOW the European nations used science to erase the so-called "Black" peoples'  memory of themselves.

On the surface, it's easy to explain away:

  1. Slaves practicing their ancient traditions would result in certain death
  2. And so, the European nations stripped their cultural memory away during the time of slavery.

But the process was much more involved.

More calculated.

It was done in the misuse of specific sciences.

When you finish this series, you'll have a much more precise, grounded, and more scientific understanding of how so-called "Blacks" became "Amnesiacs."

If you’re simply tired of not knowing who you are or not knowing where you come from, we can guide you through the process of learning.

You can evolve from being an Amnesiac to having a true knowledge of self.



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