A Scattered Past

Chapter 6: Psychological Bias & More

This is the last chapter.

In this chapter, we’ll address three more sciences – Two of which were foundational in creating the cultural amnesia in the minds of the so-called “Black” man.

Without a doubt, these acts of European psychology have misplaced and misnamed so-called “Black” people, leaving them essentially homeless.

Then we’ll close with a final science, one which provides a remedy to this issue.

So let’s get to it.

The first sciences we’ll unpack is anthropology & ethnography.

Anthropology & Ethnography

Anthropology is defined as:

”the study of human beings and their ancestors through time and space and in relation to physical character, environmental and social relations, and culture”

And Ethnography is defined as:

”the study and systematic recording of human cultures.”

At the core, these two sciences hold some of the greatest keys to unlocking the true identity of so-called “Black” people.

They are also arguably two of the sciences most distorted and most effective at stripping the nationality and cultural identity from so-called “Blacks.”

This is Johann Friedrich Blumenbach - A German Anthropologist, Ethnographer, etc.

Blumenbach has gone down in history as the Father of European Anthropology.

Most notable for this series is when in 1779, Blumenbach divided the human race into five pseudo races:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Red and
  • White

He is known as one of the first to use a color code system as a scientific form of human identity.

This usage of color was a massive blow to so-called “Black” people.

Identifying by a color code has no connection to a nation.

There are no nations named “Black,” “Brown,” “Yellow,” “Red,” or “White.”

In “The Anthropological Treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach,” Blumenbach expressed great respect, admiration, and high honors for so-called “Negroes”.

Yet the damage had already been done.

In general, anthropology began being used to further distort the history of the so-called “Black” people.




This leads to the final science in this series.

Unlike the others, this science reverses all the distortions of the previously mentioned sciences.

It is the “antidote” to undo all the injustices modern European science has done to the so-called “Black” people.

But first, let us recap.

We begin with the issue.

Amnesia. Cultural amnesia, to be more specific.

This cultural amnesia has plagued so-called “Black” people for centuries, in essence making them Amnesiacs.

Deep down, an ultimate fear that lingers in every one of their minds is this:

That they’ll never be able to know who they are or from where they come truly.

That they’ll never be able to put the missing pieces together.

They fear they’ll be lost forever.

That they may never regain their cultural memory.

These fears are entirely understandable when considering their conditions:

  • Their identity is subject to change every 20 years or so
  • They’re constantly bombarded with limited narratives told by “historians.”
  • Due to concepts like the 1870 Brick Wall of Slavery, they restricted to believing and trusting genealogy reports and DNA results rather than truly KNOWING for themselves.
  • And ultimately, the history and identity of so-called “black” people are just as Abraham Lincoln stated:
”scattered to a hundred different and distant places;”

This situation is truly tragic, which seems to have no real win insight.




There is a way to win.

There is a means to make a genuine connection with your ancestors and ancestral land.

There is a method that allows you to reconnect with your roots.

Many former so-called “Blacks” have gained a firm knowledge of self.

They practice and manifest a particular science.

Over time, this science cuts through the illusions created to distort the real history of so-called “Black” people.

It unlocks every lock.

It breaks every chain.

It neutralizes every science pitted against a so-called “black” person.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it’s not.

It’s real.

Although it is new to us, it has existed since ancient times.

With this science, you can use geography to map their ancestral homelands –

– even when names of lands change

– even when borders are redrawn.

It allows you to take scattered artifacts of your ancestors and piece them together like fragments of a puzzle.

With this particular science, you can use a “Then-to-Now” approach to ancestry and genealogy.

You'll be able to start with their farthest known ancestors and trace them to the present.

You can push through the 1870 “Wall of Slavery” from the distant past, rather than being stuck working backward.

You can use linguistics and etymology to read between the lines of modern language.

You'll be able to use language and the history of words to trace yourself backward and forward in time – at will.

You can study anthropology to see how scientists unjustly divided the human race into five color racial classifications.

With clarity, you'll be able to see the denationalization of your people through science.

You'll be able to study the psychology of your own mind and unravel the illusions and falsehoods society has taught you to cling tightly to.

With this science, you'll have the strength and courage to follow the truth and reject all falsehoods.

When we speak of this science, we speak of Moorish Science – the highest science known to man.

Using Moorish Science equips anyone with the tools needed to fulfill their need to reconnect with their roots in Africa and beyond.



So what will cure this cultural amnesia?

The answer to this lies in the mainstream options for tracing your ancestry -- genealogy and dna tests.

Both of these require you to trust and believe their results, rather than you knowing the truth for yourself.

This is problematic.

This next series is about KNOWING your African ancestry rather than merely BELIEVING what other companies tell you.

Apply a tenth of what we will show you, and you will no longer have to accept what anyone else tells you about your history.

Say goodbye to blind acceptance of what others say about your origin or your lineage.

With the tools and methods we have, you'll uncover what part (or parts) of Africa you are from in record time.

No, you won't need to build a family tree.

No, you won't have to track down relatives.

No, you won't have to buy expensive documents.

No, you won't have to put a swab of your spit in the mail.



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